Horticulture at Reynolds Lake Oconee

Written by Story Impact Media, LLC

Kevin O’Shea has been everywhere today. He started the morning at Great Waters. Then it was on to Creek Club, followed by stops at The National and Reynolds Kingdom of Golf presented by TaylorMade. Now he waits for a visitor outside The Rock House, trying not to look down at each leaf and petal on the 10,000 plants within view. He stands. He paces. This is punishing.

“You don’t realize how many plants there are on property until you start taking care of it all,” Kevin says.

Kevin is the Director of Horticulture for Reynolds, an incomprehensible task given the 19 people on staff, the 500,000 ornamental grasses at Creek Club alone, the 55,000 bales of pine straw that are laid twice a year, and … uh, oh. He looked down. An irrigation pipe is showing through the flowers.

“I can’t help myself,” he says. Kevin carries expectations everywhere. At home he has a putting green in the yard, surrounded by 13 tee boxes ranging from nine yards to 35 yards away. Mom was an avid gardener. His grandfather was the horticulturist for Central Park — yes, that Central Park. So Kevin earned at an early age to find a problem before anyone else does.

“There’s never a finish line in our work, and I like it that way,” he says.

Just before Kevin leaves, a visitor asks if he’s been to The Sporting Grounds today. Kevin smiles. “First thing tomorrow.” With that he walks off, stealing glances at some of the 15,000 loropetalums that owe him thanks.

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