Chef Derin Moore, CMC, has been looking forward to this moment for a week. Most of his staff stands near a table at The Tavern, where four guests are waiting to be treated to what Chef Moore says is "a special dish that's very personal for me." When one of the few certified master chefs in the country makes a profound statement like that, everyone looks for the nearest fork and spoon.

Using a perfectly white towel wrapped around a perfectly white pouring pitcher, Chef Moore begins to carefully fill a bowl with a lunch entrée we all learned to pronounce in elementary school: mushroom soup.

"Golden mushroom," Chef Moore corrects. "It isn't what you think. I've taken this recipe everywhere I've been for more than 30 years."

That means the mushroom — golden mushroom — soup is well-traveled. Chef Moore has perfected menus in gourmet restaurants, at prestigious golf clubs, and for five-star luxury resorts. He's flown around the world as part of the U.S. Olympic Culinary Team. So, why must the soup go with him?

"Every recipe comes from people, places, and experiences," he says. "This was developed in a restaurant where I worked in Michigan. You know the name of the restaurant?

Shoulders around him shrug.

"It was called The Golden Mushroom," says Chef Moore. "Everyone loved the soup. I've changed up the recipe here and there — like the ratio of mushrooms and the herbs — to bring out the layers of flavors. But the basic framework won't change." Neither will the name. Or the story behind it.

Want to try the Golden Mushroom soup? It's currently on the menu at The Tavern here at Reynolds Lake Oconee:

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