Micki Tanner Named Salesperson of the Month for Reynolds Lake Oconee Properties, LLC

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Written by Caylee Franklin

Reynolds Lake Oconee Properties, LLC is pleased to announce Micki Tanner as Salesperson of the Month for November 2020 with four transactions totaling $1.2 million. This is her second award for 2020. We sat down with Micki to discuss her accomplishment.

What brought you to Reynolds Lake Oconee?

We came for a weekend New Year's Eve trip in 1998, and two weeks later bought a lot. I am originally from Georgia, but we lived in Chicago before moving to Reynolds as full-time residents in 2000 to be near my grown children in Atlanta. They wanted me to be close but not too close, and I wanted the same.

What is your favorite thing about Reynolds?

The people! The beauty will bring you to Reynolds, but it is the friendliness of the people that will keep you here.

What is the key to making a successful sale? What sets you apart as a person in sales?

The key to a successful sale is simple — communication. Listen to what people want in a home and then find the perfect place to meet their needs and desires.

What sets you apart as a salesperson?

I believe in Reynolds and all that it is about. That makes it easy for people to begin to believe that they can be happy here, too. I am involved in the community and love the ability to "give back" to people.

What is your favorite view while driving the property with buyers?

My favorite "hero" shot is looking down the fairway of #5 of The Preserve course to the lake. Very often there is a fishing boat out past the green which makes it a special view for my clients.

What excites you about the future here at Reynolds Lake Oconee?

I see wonderful things happening for Reynolds, including its growth and the increased amenities at Richland Point Village and The Homesteads. This is going to continue to be a marvelous place to live.

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