About 85 miles east of Atlanta, tucked into the rolling lake country of Georgia, lies Reynolds Lake Oconee. Founded on 12,000 acres of brilliant lakefront property, Reynolds was once known only for its world-class golf courses and as a top destination for retirement living. It has since expanded its role to include a unique sporting ground, a wide array of amenities and social events, and is a wedding hotspot. Now join us as we dive deeper into what Reynolds has to offer to a couple searching for the perfect place to host their wedding.

Let’s meet who makes those dream weddings a reality: Christine Plazola. Tell us a little about yourself and what you do at Reynolds.

I am a 4th generation Angelino born & raised in Redondo Beach, California. I grew up surfing and skiing on the West Coast. Our favorite family ski spot is Mammoth Lakes, CA which is actually where my husband, Jason, and I were married and celebrated at 11,053 ft.

I have 15 years of hospitality and event planning experience. My passions are design and traveling, which combined with my knowledge and experience in food and entertaining makes each day as an event planner invigorating. At Reynolds, I have the pleasure of overseeing a team of four talented and passionate women dedicated to creating authentic and memorable experiences for our Members and guests. Our team has over 50 years of combined experience in wedding and event planning – creating everything from intimate dinner parties to elaborate destination weddings and unforgettable lifetime affairs.

What makes Reynolds Lake Oconee a unique place to hold a wedding?

Reynolds is more than just a venue or a destination. Here, we pride ourselves on the lifestyle we have created for our Members and guests; life, as it ought to be. Choosing Reynolds as the destination for your wedding opens a weekend of celebration, love, shared memories, and the ability for you and your guests to experience the lifestyle of Reynolds.

Here, we pride ourselves on the lifestyle we have created for our Members and guests; life, as it ought to be.

What wedding venues does Reynolds have to offer and what style are each best suited for?

Known for its Southern charm and astonishing natural views, at Reynolds you can say “I do” in your dream setting. From golf courses to lakeside, clubhouse to barn, we have something for everyone. There are intimate venues such as the Rock House that are perfect for 40 guests or less. The flexibility of our open spaces allows us the ability to create a dream setting for up to 500 guests. At Reynolds where the sky is the limit, our goal is to make every event we design distinct and singular, no matter the size.

What’s your favorite part of the job?

Every day is different than the last and I love the freedom and flexibility we have as team members to turn dreams into a reality. There is nothing cookie cutter here at Reynolds and we work under the motto that absolutely anything is possible. I also have an incredible team of talented and energetic event managers that are an absolute joy to work with.

How do you help couples customize their weddings?

We start with a couple’s vision and build from there. Weddings are all about keeping the traditions that feel right and ditching those that don’t. I believe every celebration should tell a great story and reflect our client's personality. Our main objective for any event is to tell our client's story and make his or her dreams come to life.

I believe every celebration should tell a great story and reflect our client's personality.

What services and amenities does Reynolds offer in addition to the actual space?

We pride ourselves on the culinary experience of our events, but event production and design is what I am most passionate about. From original fabrication to textile sourcing, detailed diagrams, and curating A+ vendor teams, we specialize in creating the most artful and customized experience. We combine this with logistical planning, while leaving flexibility for our more budget conscious couples to source many of their vendors on their own as well.

Any tips for brides on the hunt for a venue?

Choose a venue that aligns with your vision. This might seem obvious but choosing a venue that fits with your theme will enable you to feel more connected with the space and save you the cost of trying to transform it to what you wish it were. Knowing your budget and asking questions about what the venue rental fee includes will help protect you from unexpected hidden costs. It is a lot more than just the space rental; décor and floral design will drive up the cost as well and the type of food and beverage you wish to serve can be costly. Be sure to look at your venues catering menu price points prior to signing a contract so you are familiar with the average cost per person. Often times guests see a venue’s minimum food and beverage requirement and think that is all that any number of guests can be accommodated under that total spend and that is not the case. Knowing your guest list and how many guests you are anticipating before you look at venues will save you a lot of heartache down the road and help you better plan and budget for your wedding. Lastly, think about what is included. If you are looking at both full-service or those that allow you to bring in your own vendors and décor be sure to price everything out. Venues that include some hard goods like tables, chairs, and linens may cost more up front but could be more cost-effective than renting everything individually. Likewise, if your venue offers in-house catering as well the price point may be higher than outside catering but take into consideration the china, glassware, and labor that is included in that price point. Be sure to ask questions and compare the differences between all venues you are considering.

Next time join us as we check in with a couple who said I do to Reynolds and find out what made Reynolds the right choice for their wedding.

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