Leslie Clark

Sales Executive

Leslie's favorite movie is “For the Love of the Game.”

Leslie Clark has a wealth of experience.

Leslie Clark, an Eatonton native and Mercer University graduate, has worked in the real estate industry since 2004. A recent homebuilder in the Cracker’s Neck neighborhood of Reynolds, Leslie brings her wealth of experience and intimate knowledge about the area and local housing market to Reynolds Lake Oconee Properties.

When not at work, Leslie feels most “at home” playing or watching golf. An avid fan of the game, she took her first golf lesson at Great Waters with Rick Dodd when she was 13. You can also find her chasing her three children — ages 7, 8 and 9 — around their home. She serves as Parents Association President at Lake Oconee Academy.

A talented dancer, Leslie won second place in the Shag Competition at the annual Dancing with The Lake Oconee Stars gala. Yes, footage does exist. No, she won’t show it.

Passionate for traveling as well, Leslie likes, in no specific order: Charleston, Delta Airlines, short security lines at the airport, playing the dangerous game of seeing how close she can arrive to the airport without missing her flight and St. Simons Island.

However, if she could build a home anywhere in the world, she would live exactly where she’s living right now — Reynolds Lake Oconee.

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