“When we take a step back, in a lot of ways it feels like we’re living the retirement life … but with young kids and full-time jobs.”

Look around Scott and Tammie Hillin’s home and you’ll find remnants of a dream hanging on a wall: Golf balls from iconic courses displayed in a frame. Pebble Beach. TPC Sawgrass. “We used to pick a favorite course and travel to play it,” says Tammie. There are a few empty spaces in the frame. “But now everything we want is right here.”


The Hillin Family in a Snapshot:

Who → Scott and Tammie Hillin, with Ansleigh (11) and Lathan (7)

First Reynolds Visit → 1999

First Word → “Beautiful”

Favorite Family Activity → Kayaking and paddleboarding at The Lake Club.


What It's Like to Live at Reynolds. 

Q:You don’t travel as much as you used to?

A:Why chase something that’s in our backyard? Our home courses are as nice as any.

Q:Do the kids play?

A:Sure. They don’t always play 18 holes — just as long as the mood holds. That works for us.

Q:Where was your first home at Reynolds?

A:In Scott’s parent’s basement, next door. We stayed there while our house was being built. It gave us a jumpstart on our transition. 

Q:Sounds like it was all made to order.

A:We didn’t know if it would work at first. Scott’s a dentist and there were only two practices in the area. Then one of them became available. And our house in Atlanta sold in a week. There was no turning back.

Q:You’ve seen a lot of change in 15 years.

A:We’ve kind of grown up at the same pace as Reynolds. We can look back now and see that everything was an answer from God, that He led us right where He wanted us.


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