Like all young parents who love family moments, Ty and Laney were looking for a pause button on life two years ago. Or at least a slow-motion option. “We wanted to feel less busy,” says Laney.

The Dickey Family in a SnapShot

Who → Ty and Laney Dickey, with Eleanor (4 years), John (2 years), James (1 in December)
Tipping Points → The new hospital, good school, weekends that feel longer
Looking Forward To → Boating. “We’ve never owned a boat until now.”


What it's Like to Live at Reynolds:

Q: Less busy … with three young kids?

A: It sounds crazy. But the lake out back makes every evening seem like a weekend. Last night Ty and Eleanor fished off the dock, spur of the moment. It’s a different pace here.

Q: How long was a move in the works?

A: We weren’t serious about it until recently. We’d come visit Ty’s parents, and then we started to see a lot more young families at The Lake Club and The Landing.

Q: You had some history here before the move?

A: The first time we saw each other was at a buffet at The Preserve. Our first date was here at The Ritz-Carlton. We got engaged at The Creek Club. All long before we moved here. And then the kids happened. Laney was traveling a lot with her job and we knew it was time to stay at home. But she needed to have things to do. We realized ev­erything we wanted was right here.

Q: So “less busy” really is possible?

A: Every day we’ve been here since the move has been a special day. In a way, yeah, that does make time slow down a little. 


HOME IS …The Enclave at The Landing.

LANEY: “When I found out we could build our ‘forever home’ here, I was all in.”

TY: “A business partner said, ‘Wherever you’re happiest should be your home.’ This is it.”

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