Do you get nervous when playing a big-name golf course? Blake Adams—PGA Tour veteran and Reynolds Kingdom of Golf instructor—offers some tips to help you get the most out of your special day.

Most golfers get intimidated by legendary courses because they put so much pressure on themselves to play well rather than just enjoying the day and the experience.

It’s perfectly normal to be nervous: It means you care. I’ve never been as nervous as I was the first time I played Augusta National. I was fulfilling a childhood dream and my nerves that day trumped any major-championship experience or attempt to win a PGA Tour event.

I remember focusing on every detail Augusta National had to offer. I was in awe walking the hallowed grounds, but I was able to slow my breathing and heart rate, which allowed me to maximize my success.

I played really well that day because I didn’t care about my score. Sure, I wanted to play well, but I also wanted to walk those famous fairways and hit shots from places I had seen so many legendary golfers play from during The Masters.

Blake Adams, PGA Tour veteran and Reynolds Kingdom of Golf instructor

At Pebble Beach, another favorite, I always feel as if it’s my first time. I walk around like a tourist, taking pictures of the amazing sights and scenery. Then I send a picture to several of my friends back home with the caption: “How’s the view from your office today?”

Sharing a photo is another way to enjoy the process rather than focusing on score.

Whenever it’s your turn to play one of the game’s great layouts, take your time. Walk slower than normal. This will not only help control your heart rate, but will make the round last a little longer.

Be sure to soak in every detail because you may never be lucky enough to walk those fairways again.

And don’t forget to smile when you take that picture.

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