An evoked memory. An awe-inspiring moment. Life in its everyday state. Inspiration is all around us, and for many artists, that inspiration is here for the taking.

Meet seven painters, all Members at Reynolds Lake Oconee: Jim Barton, Shannon Candler, Gail Vail, Steven Kippels, Elaine Thillen, Sandra Witty, and Tina Perry. While some have been painting almost as long as they can remember, others picked up the hobby later in life. Some share their talent through teaching. Many paint in groups, while others prefer solitude. Their media vary as well from oil, watercolor, and acrylic to mud, household items, and even fingers. No matter how they paint—or where, when, or with whom—their reputations are well-known within Reynolds and the Lake Oconee community.

Painting comes from within and it feels like I’m laughing inside when I paint. All for fun. If my work is recognized that’s fine, but it isn’t the reason for painting. Jim Barton
White Beauty Oil | 30x40 | Inspired by a photo taken by George Dissemeyer of a white Egret feeding at the edge of water. - Jim Barton
The painting process is a cathartic one for me. It is an amazing challenge to attempt to connect the eye and soul to the canvas and hope that the viewer will feel the emotion I felt when I painted it. It’s like having a conversation between you and the viewer. Shannon Candler
Moon Rising in Rockport Oil | 11x14 | Summer vacation with my entire family to Rockport, Massachusetts. On the eve of our departure, I took a special walk with my two sons along this beautiful path as the moon was rising. This painting is a constant reminder of our special family time. – Shannon Candler
Reflections of Fall Oil | 30x40 | One of my favorite scenes along Lake Oconee in The Creek Club. I have painted several variations of this view, inspired by the season, weather, and time of day. – Sandra Witty (The title image is also her painting)
I paint because it has become a passion, an obsession, something I have to do. It is more than fun. It is all absorbing and challenging Sandra Witty
Oconee Oil | 60x40 | Inspired by the rising sun through a descending fog during an early morning walk on The Oconee course. It was too beautiful and restful to not want to paint. – Elaine Thillen
Daffodils Watercolor | 15x20 | Daffodils planted in my yard here at Reynolds. – Steve Kippels
I typically work on 4-5 pieces at once. Doing art for me is like reading three really good books at one time. Elaine Thillen
Blue Heron Oil | 24x18 | Herons are prevalent here, and I especially like this one due to the texture of the log he is standing on. – Gail Vail
Slowing Time’s Current Mixed Media | 36x36 | When I paint, I want the piece to encourage viewers to reflect on how it makes them feel. A quote from Ann Voscamp inspired this painting, reminding us to slow down and challenge ourselves to live fully in the moment. – Tina Perry
My approach to painting is found in subtly bringing together symbols or images and working them between layers of serene colors and textures. Tina Perry

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