The view from the top of Hans and Sabrina Weger’s Horseshoe Bend driveway can be described as “alluring.” Descend to their doorstep and the view of the lake only gets better ... and better. The entrance could be a lobby in a luxury hotel. A sign on the front door says, “E komo mai,” which in Hawaiian means “Welcome.” As in, Welcome to Weger-ville.

"Excuse the boxes. The golf courses, the boat, and the pool out back make it hard for us to find time to unpack. The boxes don’t seem to bother our friends and family — they haven’t stopped visiting since we moved in a few months ago. That was our intent when we moved here.

The house is designed to host people. Hans used to build resorts all around the world. Maldives. Mauritius. Fiji. Oahu. We brought some of those concepts into our house to make it inviting and interesting.

See the gate at the pool? We brought it here from Hawaii. The chandeliers are from Europe. The four guest rooms all have themes, like Memphis, New Orleans, and Honolulu. Even the bathrooms are customized to make you feel like you’re in a resort. One bathroom door is from a barn on our family farm in Mississippi.

Reynolds is the best of everything, and we’ve been all over the world. You have the golf, the lake, and the friendliest people you can imagine. The neighborhood is so peaceful and beautiful that we designed the walls in our living areas to slide open. It’s kind of a Hawaii thing — make the outside part of the inside, and vice versa. We even decided to have no lights in our backyard so we can stare at the moon and stars with friends.

We've traveled a lot, but this is home now. And we plan to never leave. Sabrina Weger

It sounds cheesy, but … we never dreamed this would be our life. Hans grew up picking cotton, cleaning chicken coops, and eating government cheese. Now this: Golf. Boating. Drinks at the pool. Sports and movies on a 193-inch screen. We put the word “can’t” in a shoebox and buried it a long time ago.

We’re living a vacation. Our friends are, too. It’s just how we wanted it."

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