Imagine being dropped in the middle of a golfer’s dream, surrounded by everything you could possibly need or want to become a better player. When you visit the Reynolds Kingdom of Golf presented by TaylorMade, you won’t have to pinch yourself, because the experience is entirely real.

From custom clubfitting to data-driven technology to world-class instruction, the Kingdom provides every chance to maximize your golf potential. The final piece of the puzzle is you.

The Kingdom has expanded its reach and now can help golfers of every ability with high-tech tools that heretofore were only available to the best players in the world. At the new Kingdom, you can be treated like a tour pro, no matter your handicap. “My husband says seeing Rob [Bowser, Manager of Player Development and TPI Certified Instructor] at the Kingdom is like going to the therapist,” says Cristina Pardo, who moved to Reynolds in 2013 and frequents the Kingdom. “The experience here is like therapy for your golf game.”

The Kingdom debuted in 2007 as a clubfitting experience that gave members and guests the same treatment as the pros when being fit for the latest in TaylorMade golf equipment. In most cases, players could have their clubs built in the TaylorMade tour trailer in time to take home with them after their visit to Reynolds.

Now, the Kingdom encompasses 16 acres with a 7,600-square-foot facility, including a 2,100-square-foot expansion that opened in March, all located adjacent to The Oconee course at Reynolds.

There is an expansive practice facility for use when the weather is good. And when it’s not, there are four fully-enclosed, heated I hitting bays to go with three others, also heated and covered. There is a short-game practice area with three holes, plus classroom space for private or group instruction.

“The recent Kingdom expansion has helped our game enormously,” says Pardo, former Reynolds Women’s Club Champion. “Not only with all of the amazing technology, but also just getting us to go more often. Golf instruction is necessary no matter the size of improvement it will bring. It’s a continuous learning sport.”

In the new section of the Kingdom, the space is filled with the latest technology. It is equipped with TrackMan 4, the launch monitor that is used most on the world’s professional tours. This latest version uses dual radar for the most accurate readings. FlightScope launch monitors are also used and they are connected to BodiTrack pressure mats that measure weight distribution and weight shift during the swing.

“Clubfitters have TrackMan for ball speed, face angle, and spin axis so they can best find the right setup for each individual player,” says Wes Forester, Director of Golf at Reynolds Lake Oconee. “But our teachers like TrackMan because they want that data, too. It makes them more effective as teachers.”

“If someone has an open clubface at impact and they are swinging out to in 11 degrees, the student gets more motivated about changing the number than they are about their club path or face angle,” he says. “They get so fixated about changing the number that they incorporate a feel that they can put into words.”

Forester says the aim is to blend the clubfitting, instruction, and on-site club construction into one seamless experience.

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