Spring comes to northern Georgia—and specifically to Reynolds Lake Oconee—with an explosion of colors and scents. Almost overnight, every roadside, golf hole, and walking path is ablaze with reds and pinks, bright yellows, and shadings of white and green that nearly blind the eyes with their richness. And the air assumes fragrances as pleasing and powerful as anything to come out of an expensive bottle of the finest French perfume.

The names of the flowers common to our property are almost as beautiful as the blooms themselves. Golden Bell and Camellia, Nandina and Firethorn, Dogwoods in every shade. And of course Azaleas, the Georgia state wildflower, and the Cherokee Rose, the state floral emblem, which is as glorious a plant as you’re ever likely to see.

Reynolds takes great pride in the flowers that blaze in every corner of the property. How can you be mad at your golf game when you’re surrounded by such beauty? Do you have enough vases on hand for the cuttings that find their way into your kitchen, dining room, study, and nearly every other room in the house? Where else can you find a selection of vibrant colors to match every rug and wallpaper? But please, leave some blossoms for the next admirer.

So how many different flowers can you find at Reynolds? We’ve lost count. But we guarantee that you can find every one of those pictured here, plus a whole lot more, somewhere nearby. Take a look, take a walk, and take pleasure in one of nature’s most majestic displays of grace and grandeur truly right in your own backyard. 

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