Reynolds Lake Oconee is pleased to announce the recipients of its Third Quarter Employee Awards for 2024. Oliver Wilcher, Director of Beverage Services and F&B Administration, has been named Leader of the Quarter, while Savannah Massey, bartender at the National Tavern, and Jarvis Griffin, Spray Technician at the Creek Club golf course, have been named Employees of the Quarter.

Oliver's journey with Reynolds Lake Oconee began nine years ago in 2015. He has built a lasting connection with members, considering them friends, and his passion for the hospitality industry is evident and shines through in every interaction.

Oliver inspires his team with his collaborative spirit and genuine care. He leads with core values at the heart of every decision, fostering an environment of creativity, hard work, and mutual support. His colleagues describe him as a rock-steady leader who empowers them to excel and achieve outstanding results.

Oliver's achievements speak volumes about his dedication. He spearheaded the Cellar Wine Team to an impressive membership and approval rating, driving member satisfaction to new heights while pushing revenue to record levels. He played a pivotal role in planning and executing our largest member event, the Chef Showcase, which saw over 1,000 attendees. Oliver is also deeply involved in crafting the beverage program for the highly anticipated reopening of The Landing restaurant, ensuring an exceptional dining experience for members.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Oliver finds joy in spending quality time with his family – his wife, Hannah, daughter Hallie, son Hutton, and their furry companion, Lulu. Hannah, his source of inspiration, constantly motivates him with her acts of kindness, a quality Oliver reflects in his own interactions with everyone he encounters.

Savannah Massey, bartender at the National Tavern, and Employee of the Quarter, has spent the past three years bringing joy to members. Savannah has brought her infectious smile, unwavering dedication, and genuine connection to The Tavern, making it a place where members feel like family. More than just mixing cocktails, Savannah crafts experiences. She's there for life's big moments, clinking glasses for your new home or raising a toast to your engagement. This is not just a job for Savannah; it is a community. As a member-based restaurant, her regulars become her extended family.

"My favorite part about Reynolds is seeing how they champion your passions," says Savannah. "No matter your skills or background, if you share your vision, they open doors you never knew existed. My lead bartender and the entire Tavern management team are some of the hardest-working, most patient, and kindest people I have ever met. They lead by example and deserve all the recognition in the world."

When not pouring a drink at The Tavern you can find Savannah reading, drawing, painting, and cooking. Anything creative is her favorite pastime. She also enjoys spending time with her girlfriend Stephanie, a huge inspiration in her life.

Employee of the Quarter, Jarvis Griffin has brought his infectious smile, enthusiasm, and willingness to help anyone to the Creek Club golf course for over seven years. Jarvis' journey began long before Reynolds. He has skills in inventory management and forklift operation, that are valuable in his current role.

“What truly drew me to Reynolds was the opportunity to meet new people and tackle diverse tasks,” says Jarvis. “The variety of the job keeps me energized and engaged.”

Beyond his work ethic, Jarvis brings a wealth of personal interests and passions to the job. When he’s not at Reynolds, you can find him playing billiards or bowling and also enjoying the great outdoors by hunting and boating. He's also a dedicated handyman, always willing to lend a hand with a fix or repair. But Jarvis' true calling goes beyond his hobbies. He actively serves his community through his involvement in the Sons of Allen, Iron Sharpens Iron, Freemasonry, and the Green Springs AME Church. Following God's mission of helping others is what truly fuels his spirit. This commitment to service shines through in his interactions with colleagues and guests alike, making him a role model for everyone around him. He is an inspiration to all, reminding us that true fulfillment comes not just from our work, but from the positive impact we make on the lives of others.

Oliver Wilcher, Director of Beverage Services and F&B Administration
Oliver Wilcher, Director of Beverage Services and F&B Administration
Savannah Massey, bartender at the National Tavern
Savannah Massey, bartender at the National Tavern
Jarvis Griffin, Spray Technician at the Creek Club golf course
Jarvis Griffin, Spray Technician at the Creek Club golf course

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