Reynolds Lake Oconee Making Headlines

Written by Hunter PR

From being called the “ultimate vacation playground” (yes, Islands Magazine really said that!) to being named one of the top 10 luxury golf communities in the United States by Upscale Living, Reynolds has been making headlines the past few months. And grabbing its share of coverage from many others, including Barron’s, Golf Magazine, LINKS Magazine,, Golfweek/USA Today, and dozens of other outlets.

Oh, did we mention proximity to the University of Georgia’s Sanford Stadium, home to the #1 ranked college football team in the nation? (Tailgating is an art form at Reynolds.)

The exceptional amenities at Sandy Creek Sporting Grounds were also frequently touted in the press. “I love the topography of this place,” Sporting Grounds Director Justin Jones told LINKS Magazine. “You go from being in the trees for the first five stations, to the next 10 stations being out of the woods and on the pond, and the last five you’re back up into the woods. To have all of that on one, 20-station course—it’s just amazing.”

A writer from soaked in our community’s special vibe: “From the shopping areas and restaurants to the golf courses and sporting grounds, you’d be hard-pressed to find one spot that doesn’t elicit first-sight gasps or utterances of ’Wow’ and, for me, ’Holy moly.’ It’s not so much a concept designed to make people want to return year after year, as much as it’s one that was conceived to make us never want to leave.”

We agree.

Executive Chef Zouhair Bellout let the public in on his secret for perfect mac-n-cheese in a “Clubhouse Eats” feature. Zouhair uses a reduced cream with aromatics, plus a medley of three cheeses: clothbound cheddar, good-quality gruyere, and parmesan, a trio that, he says, “melt well together.” According to Zouhair, “The smooth, velvety cheese we use sticks to the pasta and provides the right balance of gooeyness we’re seeking. And what is not to love about using three types of top-quality cheeses?” The public ate this one up: This story scored one million hits!

Talking about community growth in the wake of Covid, Dave Short, senior vice president for strategic planning for marketing and sales, reported in a Golf Magazine interview that sales at Reynolds were up 30 percent in 2020.

Significantly, people who’d owned lots for years began finally building on them.

“Their timelines have accelerated,” Short says. “They’ve realized they can work from home. Plus, we’re one flight from anywhere in the country.”

Okay, sure, but who would want to leave here?

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