Fate is at work inside the gates of Reynolds, making for a serendipitous reunion for two of the Club’s youngest Members.

Gabriella, 7, and Abigail, 8, met last summer at the Reynolds’ Adventurers Camp and quickly became best “camp” friends. However, when camp ended they parted ways, not sure if they would ever see each other again.

In a storyline seemingly copied straight from The Parent Trap, Abigail’s grandparents signed her up for camp again this summer – surprisingly the same week Gabriella was attending.

On the first day of camp, Gabriella was putting up her bags when Abigail walked in and immediately ran to her side. Gabriella could not believe her friend had returned. “I kept saying I can’t believe it’s you, I’m so excited,” Gabriella exclaimed.

They then enjoyed an action packed-week together at Adventurers Camp. Some of their favorite activities included tubing, fishing, and pointing out different species of wildlife on the two-mile nature hike. But what they enjoyed the most was collecting rollie pollies, and they searched each morning for more of the insects to add to their container.

“We had the best time together at camp,” said Abigail. “I was so happy to be with my friend again!”

This time when camp ended, Gabriella left with an invite to Abigail’s birthday party, perfect for another reunion just weeks away.


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