Nestled between the archery targets and the five-stand station at the Sandy Creek Sporting Grounds sits an exciting new amenity—an off-roading course that brings a new dimension to an already expansive slate of sporting endeavors.

The driving course was designed by Bob Burns, a renowned Land Rover driving expert and the architect of numerous off-roading courses around the world, who was excited to carve a path through the rolling terrain and forested thickets that define the Georgia countryside.

“The course was built to entertain, but not be dangerous,” says Burns, noting that the course is built for novice to intermediate drivers, no prior off-roading experience necessary. “There was great natural terrain on the property and we took advantage of that.”

The course follows the native contours and topography of the land, with sloping hills leading over gentle creek beds. Dangle fingers outside of the window and you might brush against leaves. Splash through puddles as you handle a collection of natural obstacles that dot the course, providing an exciting navigational challenge in a controlled environment.

"Burns was the best designer in the world to build the course," says Justin Jones, Director of the Sandy Creek Sporting Grounds. “We wanted to start with a first-rate course along with the highest quality vehicle we could acquire and build on that going forward.” Jones is excited to see the initial response, as additional acreage sits on the property for trail expansion.

Upon arrival at the Sporting Grounds, an experienced guide seats you in a seven-seater Land Rover Discovery and explains the instruments. Although the same vehicle is sold commercially, even Jones was blown away at its dexterity. “The four-wheel-drive system—along with the overall design of the course—creates an experience where you’ll feel challenged, but always safe and in control of the vehicle.”

Drivers rarely need to hit either the brake or accelerator, the contour of the land providing the necessary torque to handle turns and gradients. If questions arise about the proper gear to engage or the right angle to attack a slope, the guide is always in the passenger seat.

“You have to be in it to get it,” says Jones “It’s truly a unique experience that must be lived to be understood.”

The off-roading course complements the clay shooting, air rifles, archery, fishing, and boat rentals that the Sporting Grounds already offers. "The course gives guests another outlet to create a memorable experience," says Jones. "It further cements the Sporting Grounds as a world-class facility."

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