Along with club-sponsored activities and a full tournament schedule, Reynolds Lake Oconee has developed an active social scene, with over 40 Member-run clubs from interests such as fishing to similarities like sharing the same first name. But nothing bonds quite like a shared passion, which is how Randall Harman’s love of golf led him to The Leahy Group. Hear from him below as he describes the camaraderie of this golf group.

Randall: The management at Reynolds was smart enough to set rules to deal with the complexity of group play at their six golf courses from its inception 30 years ago. Formally setting up “Groups” within their website, along with Concierge phone lines available seven days a week, the ability to coordinate your groups’ tee times have been dramatically simplified. As Reynolds has grown, so has the number that participates in The Leahy Group. So how do you handle a group of 40+ regulars and a sub-list of equal size that get together every Tuesday?

The Leahy Group

When Mike Leahy took the reins of this group almost 15 years ago, you would see four or five foursomes playing each week with wagers, of modest amounts, all coordinated by Mike. Nearly everyone would stay after to socialize, as the winners were determined. Now you will typically see six to nine foursomes each Tuesday. Thanks to Mike, it runs like a well-oiled machine. The people most impacted are the servers at the clubhouses, which always appear ready for the members of The Leahy Group.

Though an organization of this many golfers would be impossible without email, Mike simplified the entire process.

The Bank of Leahy

Keeping up with all of the team bets, the skins, and all of the IOU’s is a thing of the past with Mike in charge. If for some reason you weren’t able to stay after one of the previous weeks to collect winnings, simply let Mike know and you are made whole…trust being the key ingredient.


This golf league software has become a lifesaver. All the players on the distribution list are entered, handicap indexes are updated twice a month, course ratings and slopes are stored, along with each of the holes’ handicap rating to ensure strokes fall on the correct holes. This program not only takes care of the “stacked” team concerns, but it also allows members of the group to meet and spend time with different people. Another great feature is that it prints detailed scorecards for each foursome with holes marked where each player is to receive a stroke according to their respective handicap and tees played. Each morning Mike heads to the course to deliver the scorecards to the starters.

The Players

Like golfers everywhere, it is truly a mixture of individuals, from all walks of life, from ex-CEOs to a postal worker. Each member has different objectives as to their “social and golf” desires. There are people like Mike who are - 90% social and 10% golf; and then there are a couple of players that are 90% golf and 10% social.

Yearly Celebration

Every year a group dinner is held, with nearly 100 attending last year, a night of socializing with fellow players and their wives. Most importantly, they come to congratulate and personally thank Mike on another great year and a job well done. He is not only exceptional in the way he runs the group but quite possibly the happiest man at Reynolds and loved by all. We, the players, are fortunate for having him as our commissioner… more importantly as our friend. This group truly blends the love of golf with the values of friendship.

A few members of The Leahy Group at their yearly dinner.

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