Though much of the country is just now coming out of the slumber of winter, it’s almost lake season here at Reynolds Lake Oconee. With warm weather, sunny skies, and the 19,000 acres of Lake Oconee - Georgia’s second largest lake - beckoning, you’ll soon hear children laughing as they splash into the lake, the hum of boats going out to the Jumping Rock or indulging in a sunset cruise, and the soothing melody of gentle waves lapping against the shoreline.

Rooted in the greater Lake Country is a rich musical history. Three-time Grammy Award winner Zac Brown lived and operated a restaurant (appropriately named ‘Zac’s Place’) on Lake Oconee for several years. The indie rock mecca of Athens is also only a short drive away, with famous bands such as R.E.M and the B-52’s getting their start there.

There’s also a distinctive ‘Rhythm to Reynolds’. Around campus you can find live music almost every night of the week throughout the year. There’s the uber-popular Sandy Creek Sessions, a weekend of acoustic performances from an accomplished lineup of Nashville singers, songwriters, and storytellers. Held multiple times each year with a revolving lineup of performers, the Sessions have hosted an impressive collection of talent. Artists such as Adam Wakefield, runner-up on Season 10 of The Voice, Meghan Patrick, CCMA Awards Female Artist of the Year, and Earl Bud Lee, co-songwriter of the iconic Garth Brooks hit song "Friends in Low Places", have graced the stage for Reynolds Members. And then there’s Rhythm & Brews, a yearly festival that’s brought acts such as Gin Blossoms, Drivin N Cryin, Collective Soul, and Scott Stapp (lead singer of the band Creed) to Lake Oconee.

To help kick off lake season, we’ve composed a Spotify playlist for the perfect lake day. And to help compose the Perfect Lake Day Playlist we’ve recruited Jeremy Johnson, Reynolds Lake Oconee Properties Sales Executive and accomplished musician himself. Aside from being talented salesperson (Jeremy is a Lake Country Board of Realtors Top Producer), he has also recorded two full-length albums in Nashville. Additionally, he helps coordinate all of the live music at our restaurants and pools. Listen to the full playlist here.

Jeremy, when thinking of the perfect Lake Day playlist, what type of music are you looking for?

When I’m spending a day on the lake, I like a playlist that is diverse in genres and artists. There is so much good music out there across many different styles and genres, yet many “Lake Day Playlists’ that I find on Spotify are either all Country, all Rock, all Hip-Hop, etc. I like to not know what’s coming next. I love the hits of popular artists as much as anyone, but also like to dive a little deeper into an artist’s catalog than what’s being spun on the radio at that time. Not every song on any record is ‘top 10’ radio worthy, so won’t end up in heavy rotation, but many of these are still great songs to blast when cruising the lake.

Who’s an artist on this playlist others may not know much about but your particularly love?

Tyler Childers. He is a phenomenal songwriter and performer, and harkens back to the roots of country music in both style and content. While he has many songs that are deep and emotional and might not be the best fit for a lake day, there are just as many high energy, clever, well written tunes that fit the mood perfectly. I love watching up and coming artists begin to break out, and that’s exactly what’s happened with Tyler. I first heard of him in 2017 when he released his album ‘Purgatory’ and was just beginning to garner attention. Today, he has amassed over 4 million monthly listeners on Spotify and continues to write great songs and make great records.

Shindigue Inc. — the company you co-founded specializing in live music and productions for weddings and corporate events — books all the live music at Reynolds’ restaurants and events. What impresses you about all of the talent found locally?

It’s really incredible the caliber and quantity of talent we’ve been able to find and fit into the entertainment calendar here at Reynolds. Shindigue currently has over 100 artists that are on regular rotation throughout the restaurants, clubhouses, pools, and member events across campus. All of these talented artists either hail from the lake country, or live within 100 miles of Lake Oconee. We now have such a wide pallet of styles and instrumentations, that we are able to curate individual artists to the ‘vibe’ of whatever event or venue we are booking them for. On any night of the week, we may have a jazz pianist at the Creek Club, a folk guitar/violin duo at Richland Pointe, and a solo singer/guitarist playing ‘sing along’ hits from every decade at The National Tavern. Having such a wide variety of artists available keeps every event or happy hour relevant and interesting for our members, and they regularly tell me how adding so much live music to the lifestyle here has enriched their experience as members.

Though a successful agent for us now (learn more about Jeremy here), are there any aspects of the recording artist life that you miss?

It is, and always will be, in my blood. Although I certainly sometimes miss the weeklong trips to Nashville to cut full-length records and the comradery that comes with it, I have found my home here representing clients who are ready to start living the incredible lifestyle that Reynolds makes possible. This is where I belong now, and I couldn’t be happier. I still plug myself into a few of the more than 500 live music performances Reynolds hosts every year, and also perform at private parties at the homes of Members throughout the year.

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