Following in the footsteps of British tradition, Reynolds’ newest amenity, The Sandy Creek Sporting Grounds celebrated its first Glorious 12th with a special shoot.

The Glorious 12th, August 12, marks the beginning of the 121-day grouse shooting season, and has been a key date in Britain’s calendar for decades. However, due to the fact that grouse may not be shot on a Sunday, this year’s event was held the day prior, August 11.

The Winner of the Inaugural Sandy Creek Glorious 12th Shoot was Adele Abrahamson, Reynolds Member since 2013, with a score of 35 ex. 50.

The participants were divided into four-person groups where they shot at various clay shooting stations before ending in a flurry shoot. The flurry shoot required the team members to stand in a row shooting simultaneously at targets thrown in multiple directions.

Following the flurry, Abrahamson was tied for the best score with one other competitor. The two then faced off in a proper shootout.

“The shootout was simply seeing who could hit more,” Abrahamson said. “In the end, I was able to hit just one more target than the gentleman I was shooting against to win the Glorious 12th Shoot!”

Abrahamson has been shooting regularly for two years. Her and her husband, Jim, go on quail hunts with their field dog. She is also an active member of two women-only shooting groups, including the Reynolds Annie Oakley group. “More and more women are picking up the sport because they are able to do it alongside the men, and it is something completely new and exciting.”

Abrahamson is a frequent visitor to The Sandy Creek Sporting Grounds and is an avid supporter of the events held there.

“Shooting clays allows me to get out in nature and enjoy a sport in a beautiful and rustic setting,” says Abrahamson. “The events add a new level of excitement, and it was a great feeling to win at the Glorious 12th Shoot.”

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