Dan and Patty Kniffen

Dan and Kitty Kniffen always had a specific home in mind. At Reynolds, they found it.

Dan Kniffen wants to make a confession here on his back veranda. “I’m an active guy, but I find myself sitting here a lot, sometimes just staring into space.” The space is gorgeous, and there’s a lot of it to see, leaving Patty to explain: “We had no idea what we were missing.” It took an injury and an introduction to the veranda to change their perspective.

We’d travel around the country saying ... someday ... someday. It was a fun game for us to imagine where we might move. The places on our shortlist were very nice — Scottsdale, San Diego, Daniel Island, Fort Myers. [Patty] I knew all of them really well from my time working with Golf Digest.

Reynolds wasn’t on our radar. We each had been here separately for work and with friends. We’d stay at The Ritz-Carlton and treat it like a boating and golf getaway. That’s pretty much all we did.

My injury was a blessing in disguise. [Dan] We came for Memorial Day Weekend in 2019, but I couldn’t play golf or get into a boat. So we had to find other things to do. Patty went paddleboarding. I got a massage. We noticed people playing tennis and biking. [Patty] I turned to Dan and said, “Why haven’t we considered moving to Reynolds?” Neither one of us had a good answer.

We always had a specific home in mind. It’s still hard to believe we found it.

There’s shock value here. [Patty] I’ve seen a lot of amazing golf courses, but six in one place with their own character is unusual. And we had a specific home in mind. Not too huge. Airy. Outdoor living spaces. The moment we walked into this one, we thought, “This is the house we’ve been imagining.”

Everyone wants to come stay with us. Our friends live in places like Steamboat Springs, Seattle, and southern California. They look at Reynolds online to see where we’ve moved and call to say, “Hey, we’re coming to stay awhile!” We need a booking calendar.

Sometimes we think, “What’s wrong with this picture?” It’s almost too good to be true. Everyone is so happy here, and there’s nothing fake. [Dan] There’s a saying: “If you want to see God’s work in your life, look in the rearview mirror.” I think about that a lot.

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