From Trinidad to Here

Lew and Ruby Kuhmichel have lived and marveled all over the globe. A few months after their most recent move, they're in a new state of awe.

Lew and Ruby Kuhmichel have lived and marveled all over the globe. There were birds the color of rainbow sherbet in Trinidad. Ancient castles in England. Pyramids in Egypt. Tumbleweeds in Texas. “We like discovery,” says Lew, a just-retired geophysicist, looking through the trees off his back porch toward the first hole at The Cove 9 on The National course. A few months after their most recent move, Lew and Ruby are in a new state of awe.

The Caribbean. Egypt. And now here. How?

Our daughter, Amy (34), lives in Atlanta. Our son, Steven (32), lives in Houston. We wanted to be near one of them. This is perfect — it isn’t dense with population and the people are relaxed. Besides, no one visited us in Trinidad.

Never visited you in the Caribbean?
We found that true in far-off places — family and friends don’t come as often as you think.

How did you find Reynolds?
Believe it or not, a friend in Egypt told us about it. Then we drove through on the way to The Ritz-Carlton Reynolds, Lake Oconee, and thought, “Maybe someday.”

You said this place opened your eyes.
Last night we did something we haven’t done in a long time: we sat outside and looked at the stars. We’ve been out of the country so long we had no idea there were so many varieties of Oreos either. Ruby took a picture of them at Publix.

There must be cultural adjustments.
We’ve been around energy and noise for so many years. Now we actually sit with people and talk for a while. That’s nice.

Stars. Oreos. What’s next to discover?
Lew has played nine holes of golf since we moved in, so discovering 108 more is something to look forward to, together.

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