From Atlanta to Here

When Ty and Laney Dickey found out they could build their forever home at Reynolds, they were all in.

Like all young parents who love family moments, Ty and Laney were looking for a pause button on life two years ago. Or at least a slow-motion option. “We wanted to feel less busy,” says Laney.

Less busy … with three young kids? It sounds crazy. But the lake out back makes every evening seem like a weekend. Last night Ty and Eleanor fished off the dock, spur of the moment. It’s a different pace here.

How long was a move in the works? We weren’t serious about it until recently. We’d come visit Ty’s parents, and then we started to see a lot more young families at The Lake Club and The Landing.

You had some history here before the move? The first time we saw each other was at a buffet at The Preserve. Our first date was here at The Ritz-Carlton. We got engaged at The Creek Club. All long before we moved here.

When I found out we could build our ‘forever home’ here, I was all in. Laney Dickey

And then the kids happened. Laney was traveling a lot with her job and we knew it was time to stay at home. But she needed to have things to do. We realized everything we wanted was right here.

So “less busy” really is possible? Every day we’ve been here since the move has been a special day. In a way, yeah, that does make time slow down a little.

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