Tom Condon

Sales Executive

Tom has a degree in Political Science that he has never once used.

Tom Condon is enjoying the ride.

With over 30 years experience in the real estate industry, Tom Condon had heard of the allure of Reynolds Lake Oconee but had never visited the property himself. A chance visit during a beautiful Masters Week confirmed his suspicions, and he decided at the end of that weekend this was where he wanted to live. So after accumulating a wealth of experience in luxury resort real estate sales, Tom joined Reynolds Lake Oconee Properties as a Sales Executive in 2017.

Originally a native of Long Island, Tom enjoys reveling in the unique Reynolds lifestyle outside of work. From dining at The National Tavern and Eighty8 Kitchen + Cocktails, shooting sporting clays at Sandy Creek Sporting Grounds, playing tennis, or simply just floating in the lake (cold beverage optional, but preferred), he enjoys taking advantage of all the amenities at his disposal. He and his wife, April, also enjoy hitting the links in Reynolds and cycling together.

Tom and April really enjoy spending time with family and friends, and their favorite thing is to have a house full of them enjoying all that is special about Reynolds. Tom is an involved member of the Reynolds community and has a thriving social circle he regularly meets for activities and dinners – many of them are former clients!

But even with all of their various activities, the center of attention in their household is always their Boykin Spaniel, Hardy.

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