One popular amenity at Reynolds Lake Oconee is the 21 miles of walking and biking trails. Recently, Reynolds added a new craft to its rental fleet that makes it possible to pedal even further – that is, across Lake Oconee - with the Schiller Water Bike. Stocked and ready at The Lake Club, Members can rent one of the bikes at any time of the day. We sat down with The Lake Club Director, Scott Cowdrey, to get more information on the water bikes.

What exactly is a water bike and is it easy to use?

A water bike is exactly that: a high-quality bike that allows you an unparalleled cycling experience on any body of water. Just like a regular bike it has pedals and handlebar steering, while using a compact, buoyant frame to allow you to glide across the water. The water bike is extremely easy to maneuver, impossible to capsize, and are made for anyone to use. No prior skill or training is required in order to ride. It literally is just like riding a bike on solid ground.

There are so many different types of activities to do on the lake. Why choose the Schiller Bike?

The Schiller Bike is just another vantage point to view the many beautiful aspects of Lake Oconee. When one is on a boat, they are normally covering lots of ground very quickly and might not be able to take it all in. The water bike also allows you to explore areas of the lake that are otherwise inaccessible on a boat. Kayak and paddleboards are other ways to see even more areas of the lake. It has to be kept in mind that one must be paying attention at all times to watch out for other crafts. Balance must be another focus point with paddleboards. On the Schiller Bike, balance comes more naturally.

How is this different from riding a bike on land?

The main difference is that you can pedal backwards in order to make a three-point turn in case you got stuck in a small area. There are also no gears, but you will be surprised at how fast you actually go.

How are Members able to enjoy the Schiller Bike? As a form of exercise, or for leisure?

Either. If using the Schiller bikes for exercise one must stay at a constant pace. They will feel the burn just like riding a bike.

Some parts of the day are choppier on the water than others. At what time of day would you recommend riding the Schiller Bike?

Any time of day is really good. People can sign up for our sunrise paddle which includes all of our crafts and use it then. As I can tell you from personal experience, watching the sunrise on a still and calm Lake Oconee is a magical experience.

We have many Members who've incorporated water bikes into their wellness regimens. What are the benefits to exercising on the water?

Much like swimming, there is no impact. When cycling on-land - though still low-resistance - there is more opportunity for hard starts and stops. Though bicycling is mostly non-impact, doing the same motion across the water is very fluid and reduces the resistance on one's body even more, while still enjoying the same benefits.

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