Winter Radiance: Unveiling the Artistry of Skincare with Richland Pointe Spa's Exceptional Esthetician Katy Cummings

Health & Wellness
Written by Melissa Shiver

If you’re anything like me, it’s not physically possible to get enough lotion on my skin as soon as that first frosty morning comes rolling through Lake Oconee. Luckily, there are a few people here at Reynolds who specialize in just this obstacle.

One chilly morning in January, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Katy Cummings, an esthetician at Richland Pointe Spa, to talk about all things skincare. Katy has been an esthetician for over 20 years and when the Richland Pointe Spa opened in July 2021, she was immediately on board. Since she’s a native of Milledgeville, she is well-versed in rolling with the Georgia seasons.

“We’re used to humidity down here, so when it’s gone, our skin gets very mad at us! During the year, you will change, your skincare will change, and everybody is individualized and different so it’s good to consult your dermatologist or your esthetician and find the right balance for your particular skin.”

For wintertime, there are a few things Katy recommends for battling the dryness.

  1. The Hydrating Facial: “It’s amazing. It’s got hyaluronic acids and Vitamin B for hydrating so it keeps your skin supple and smooth during the dry months. Or, there’s a microdermabrasion (treatment) which is using the same products, but you’re boosting the exfoliation process in the facial by using an abrasive tip at the end of a wand. (The wand) lightly exfoliates the dead skin off of the top layer of your skin so your hydrating products can penetrate through your skin better. Your Vitamin B and hyaluronic acids just sink in and your skin drinks it up.”

She let me test the abrasive tip on the wand and let me tell you: It was lovely. It was like it found all the itchy skin I never knew I had and it gently fell away. Definitely a relaxing and highly recommended experience.

2. SkinCeuticals: “A medical-grade skincare line is important because of the concentration of what your skin needs. If it’s in a serum or a cream, it has that perfect formula balance that you can’t find over the counter. These medical-grade skincare lines have a lot of studies and data behind them. It’s undeniable that it does what it does and it does it well.”

3. To take care of your skin from top to bottom, kids to grandparents, Katy recommends “taking less-frequent, lukewarm showers. I know in the winter you want to be warm and cozy, but this time of year, the longer you’re in the shower with hotter water, your skin just gets angry and dry… Then, as soon as you get out (of the shower) while your skin is still damp, that’s when you’ll use your moisturizers or your oils – oil first then moisturizer.”

To replicate the humidity that we lack in the winter, she recommends getting a humidifier. “Put it next to your bed! At nighttime, that’s when your skin really renews itself every single day, so to have that moisture while you’re sleeping is an easy step to do.”

As far as Katy is concerned, the care that clients receive at the Richland Pointe Spa doesn’t stop when they walk out the door. “(Her goal) is to help people find the balance of their particular skin. To consult with individual people, that’s my favorite, is to educate you on your individual skin type and what YOU need for YOU. It’s different for everybody!”

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