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Spread across 12,000 acres and winding its way around 374 miles of Lake Oconee shoreline, the Reynolds Lake Oconee campus is one brimming with events and adventure at every turn. At just over an hour from the world’s busiest airport and one flight from just about anywhere in the world, Reynolds boasts Members from 48 states and 13 countries around the world who, for nearly four decades now, have enjoyed a staggering menu of recreational and event options. For some, it’s the seven courses that bring the thrill of championship-caliber golf every day. For others, it’s being delighted and surprised by the seasonal concoctions Chef Z and the Reynolds Culinary team create across our 11 restaurants, or in the numerous culinary events. Or it could be found in the fun of Lake Oconee, an expansive aquatic playground, or at the musical events staged with such regularity now that collectively they have become known as “The Rhythm of Reynolds.”

But for many, it’s experienced in the burgeoning Reynolds Wellness program, the multiple state-of-the-art fitness centers, and an extensive menu of 115+ weekly fitness classes found each week across the Reynolds campus.

Led by Director Tyler Mayer and Fitness Manager Jeryl Anderson, the fitness class offerings have steadily grown in recent years. Each day and each week, a full lineup of classes includes TRX, spin, chair yoga, Barre, HIIT, Pilates, aqua fitness, stretching, Total Golf Conditioning, and much more, led by an accomplished team of 14 instructors.

With a wide variety of classes and a highly-experienced, professional fitness team, each class led by our fitness professionals offers a level of intensity and personalization to meet Members exactly where they are. “Our skilled instructors can adapt to the participants in any class to level up or to level off while still making sure each Member is getting exactly what they need out of that class,” says Mayer.

Fitness Instructors at Reynolds Lake Oconee
Fitness Instructors at Reynolds Lake Oconee

Anderson agrees with this assessment, noting that the extensive knowledge and training of our instructors allows them to offer expertise to a wide range of Members with a broad list of fitness and health goals. “From improving a golf swing, to maintaining functional strength, to training with nutritional counseling, we have trainers who can heighten our Member’s fitness appetites in many different areas of the wellness experience.”

With 115+ classes offered weekly across the Reynolds campus, Members have an extensive menu to choose from. For new Members, the sheer number of classes and fitness opportunities available to them can seem a bit daunting at first, but Tyler says he and his staff are ready to help.

“In all my years of doing this, group exercise has always been the number one way to get Members connected and engaged not just with The Club, but with their new neighbors and friends. So many relationships are built in group settings which helps lead to accountability in reaching one’s fitness goals. We encourage each new Member to reach out and inquire about classes, as anyone on our team at any of our facilities (five different locations across the Reynolds campus host fitness classes: The Lake Club, The Landing, Great Waters, Richland Pointe, and The Gazebo) can speak to our offerings. I’ve seen it time and time again over my years: once a Member gets into a class, they are hooked.”

Every square inch of Reynolds can be used as a wellness offering. It’s a playground with adventures at every turn whether you’re walking or hiking on our 21 miles of trails, using our numerous fitness facilities, or out on Lake Oconee. Tyler Mayer, Director of Wellness at Reynolds Lake Oconee

Mayer and his team have also improved the Member experience in a few ways. One is through creating a Fitness Solutions Menu, which showcases all of the different wellness offerings – from hours of fitness facilities, fitness classes, personal training options, and nutritional guidance with Kylie Parr, Wellness Specialist – in one easy-to-digest document.

The other is through improved communication in the new Reynolds Member app. The app is a one-stop shop for all Members to book classes with a few clicks on their phones. Members can find new classes, see who is attending a class with them, as well as find hours of operation for all facilities.

The Reynolds Member app has been a tremendous help with Members scheduling of classes,” Anderson says. “It works quickly and efficiently, and the class reminders are also very helpful and appreciated. Members have also noted to me how they appreciate this simplified and efficient communication tool."

Moving beyond fitness classes, Reynolds also offers numerous other wellness opportunities. In Mayer’s eyes, this is what helps separate Reynolds from other private communities. “Every square inch of Reynolds can be used as a wellness offering. It’s a playground with adventures at every turn whether you’re walking or hiking on our 21 miles of trails, using our numerous fitness facilities, or out on Lake Oconee, a workout awaits.”

One-on-one and personal training opportunities are offered as well. “We are an active community where everyone wants to maintain their activities for as long as physically possible,” Anderson explains. “We as a team of trainers and instructors assist them in doing so.”

Reynolds trainers start a client’s fitness journey with an individual assessment. After this is established, they develop a strategic plan to meet the Member goals and coordinate training sessions.

“Sometimes Members prefer to be set up on a program and work out on their own, touching base with the trainer on their own time. Other times they prefer to meet regularly with a trainer. We offer both options,” Anderson explains.

The results speak for themselves from the testimonials Anderson hears from Members. From wins as simple as enhanced mobility to the lowering of a golf score up to achievements such as half-marathons with the Reynolds Running Club, victories come in all shapes and sizes for the team. Anderson also gets many comments on improvements in endurance and flexibility for golf, tennis, and Pickleball.

These enhancements to the Reynolds Wellness program have led to an atmosphere where Members enjoy an active life, well-lived. The variety of fitness and wellness options provides ample opportunity for any active lifestyle, allowing Members to explore what works best for them in an inclusive, welcoming environment.

"We fully intend to connect with every Member at Reynolds in one way or another,” Mayer says. “Whether it’s on the tennis or Pickleball courts; the Spa and Wellness Center; Group Classes, Private Training, or even our outdoor rental program, we will meet anyone wherever they are in their journey of well-being to live life as it ought to be.”

A short drive east of Atlanta, Reynolds Lake Oconee is a private waterfront community with more than 350 miles of shoreline on Georgia’s scenic Lake Oconee. In addition to expansive real estate offerings, the community is home to The Ritz-Carlton Reynolds, Lake Oconee – one of the country's most stunning lake resorts. Learn more about the community here.

Reynolds Lake Oconee is an active community where everyone wants to maintain their activities for as long as physically possible. We as a team of trainers and instructors assist them in doing so. Jeryl Anderson, Fitness Manager at Reynolds Lake Oconee

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