On a hill overlooking the 500-acre peninsula known as Richland Pointe, you are greeted by a panoramic view of Lake Oconee. As you turn to head down the hill towards Lake Oconee, you also get the sense that something significant is taking shape around you. Tim Hong says you might even feel it.

“There’s a lot of excitement around here,” said Hong, Reynolds’ Chief Operating Officer and one of the visionaries for what is soon to open as The Village at Richland Pointe. He isn’t referring to the work being done to finish the amenities. The excitement he speaks of actually began percolating about two years ago when Hong walked with other members of the leadership team from Reynolds and Daniel Communities through the raw woodland and arrived at the site of the new amenity.

“A light switch turned on. I remember one of us said, ‘This place is going to be special.’ No one really needed to say anything. It was obvious, even before any work started.”

What had become immediately clear was this: The peninsula would be an ideal epicenter for a lifestyle synonymous with wellness, vibrancy, and yes, the energy that flows from the lake. For Hong, the vision turned personal very quickly because his mind’s eyes saw The Village at Richland Pointe from the perspective of a husband and a father.

“The Hongs are a divide-and-conquer family, so we fit the purpose of The Village really well. I could see us coming by boat at mid-day. Kimberly [his wife] will be heading to the spa with her friends. I’m going to the pool with our three daughters. A short walk connects all of us, no matter what we decide to do.”

He pauses there, on a late January afternoon in The Village, to bring his attention back to the hilltop view.

“You’ll not only be able to see it for yourself soon. You’ll feel it and breathe it, too.”

Tim and Kimberly have already seen the long runway leading up to this point. They’ve raised their girls in The Landing for the past 16 years, taking full advantage of the open fields, the basketball and tennis courts, the zero-entry pool, and the gigantic water slide. The Village at Richland Pointe is the the next big leap into the future. It takes the best of the best … and makes them better.

Picture it. A huge family pool with unobstructed views of the lake.

Feel it. A spa with three treatment rooms, an indoor-outdoor relaxation lounge, and a passive pool.

Breathe it. A fitness center with high-tech bio-circuit programs and group training that can be taken outside into the fresh air.

Pull back to a wider view. All around are trails and paths, lawns, and lakefront. All of it blending convenience and nature - and creating wellness.

Back to the Hong family. Tim (Dad) is now envisioning an evening in The Village. "I see us having dinner at the new restaurant. The collapsible windows are wide open to bring the outside in. We sit on the back patio that spills down to a big lawn. The food? Let's just say Chef Moore has used his international experience to develop some new dishes."

He's on a roll now.

"After dinner, we take our Shirley Temple and cocktails to the hilltop. Then we just enjoy each other and take everything in."

The view. The feel. The energy. It's no longer a distant vision. It's all right here.

Interested in learning more about future development at Richland Pointe? Please call 855-721-8050 or fill out the form here for more information.

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