A lively reinvention of The Lake Club has members discovering an incredible new fitness experience at Reynolds on Lake Oconee. Located below the main level fitness room, the downstairs has been converted in to an expansive space conducive to complete body workout with machines geared to be both cutting edge and interactive. Everything from the workout equipment, music and televisions to the chilled towels at post workout has helped to define this new experience as totally unique.

The new space looks out past The Lake Club Infinity Pool to an amazing view of Lake Oconee and includes a wide range of equipment options:

  • Motioncage Hoist Fitness:  multistation total fitness jungle gym
  • Octane Lateral X:  lateral motion elliptical with adjustable stride and cross training circuit
  • Jacobs Ladder:  advanced conditioning machine used by elite athletes
  • Matrix Treadmills with Virtual Active:  Run or walk anywhere in the world with these loaded routes
  • Matrix Climbmills with Virtual Active:  excellent cardio workout with a  revolving stair climbing motion
  • 4 way benches:  Incline, decline, flat bench and shoulder press
  • Matrix Cycles:  freewheel stationary bike riding mimicking a ride on a road bike. 

“The biggest thing about this space is that it is high energy and gives a totally different experience option to members,” says Andrew Huebner, recreation director at Reynolds on Lake Oconee. “It’s just another option in what is an overall outstanding wellness amenity.”

Members recently had the opportunity to get a sneak peek at the new space through an open house held in late July. Representatives from Readyfitness and Octane Fitness were on hand to demonstrate and explain the features of some of the new equipment. Since its official open, several members have made the new space a regular part of their fitness routine.

“With this new space, we feel like we have it all now,” says Huebner. “And our staff is excited to be able to help our members work this new equipment in to their workout schedule.”

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