“I love doing a yoga class in the morning to start my day,” says Reynolds member Barbara Yonclas, “especially outside when the weather allows as a way to relax and energize before I start my hectic schedule.” You’ll find Yonclas taking yoga classes two or three times a week at The Lake Club.

As yoga has boomed in popularity the last few years, the fitness facilities at Reynolds have kept up. At The Lake Club, a wide selection of classes is offered throughout the day, targeting different skill levels and preferences, including Beginner’s Yoga, Gentle Stretch Yoga, Advanced Yoga, and many more.

But yoga at Reynolds Lake Oconee isn’t only practiced indoors and in scheduled classes. Look around and you’ll notice one or two individuals or a small group finding a quiet dock, rolling out their mats, and enjoying the warm sunshine and lake breeze as they take a quiet moment for meditation.

Practitioners know that yoga has many benefits for both body and soul, good for what distresses you and for all ages. “The yoga classes here are excellent and diverse,” says Yonclas. “They are a good balance between stretching and strengthening muscles and meditation. It is the perfect solution as one gets older to help with energy, balance, and coordination.”

For Yonclas, as for so many others at Reynolds and around the world, yoga has become an integral part of living. “I have been doing yoga for 12 years now; I love my practice and plan on continuing for the rest of my life.”

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