You already know the many good reasons to exercise including improvements to your energy, mood, and health. But, if the thought of spending time at the gym grinding away on the same machine, working the same muscles, is less than motivating, it’s time to check out the newly renovated fitness center at The Lake Club, which offers an all-new and engaging fitness experience.

“The recent renovation has increased the fitness center at The Lake Club by 60 percent. In addition to new equipment, the expanded space has also increased the number of fitness classes offered by 40 percent from last year,” says Andrew Huebner, Director of Recreation at Reynolds Lake Oconee.

Within the transformed space, you’ll find a full menu of engaging workout classes including 360 Circuit, Pilates, Spinning, and much more. Plus, the addition of 13 new pieces of equipment, including free weight options and a multi-station functional trainer, offers an array of interactive ways for you to improve your endurance, strength, balance, and flexibility.

“One popular machine in the new space is the Octane Lateral X, adding a new dimension and excitement to the cardio floor and delivering functional challenges, more muscle demands, and greater caloric burn,” says Huebner. “The expanded fitness center is another valuable facility on the large list of outstanding wellness amenities offered at Reynolds.” Huebner is also looking at incorporating a variety of new interactive fitness classes in the months to come.

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