Dawn Leonetti had a wedding three days ago, but pick up those rose petals because she has another wedding this Saturday. Make that two weddings. In fact, Dawn has weddings every single weekend for the next two months. So where are the jitters? Where's the Advil? How can this woman be so calm?

"I'm not a ball of nerves unless the weather suddenly changes," she says.

As the senior manager of weddings and social events at Reynolds, Dawn needs to exude a chill tone. "I've got this," she says, meaning all the timelines, diagrams, menu prep, and bar arrangements. If the pop of a champagne cork marks the completion of Dawn's marathon, then the wedding party's initial site visit is the beginning.

"Members know how beautiful the property is," she says. "But I've had people book weddings from out of state, sight unseen. That can be a little unnerving."

Like the time a couple-to-be flew in from California to see the venue that the bride's parents had already paid for: the lakefront at Great Waters. Dawn led them around the clubhouse to see what would soon be the most significant spot of their lives.

"I looked at the bride and she had this unforgettable expression. Then she said, "This is perfect."

And Dawn privately said, "Phew!"

She'll push the envelope upon request. A boat entrance and boat exit? Sure. Fireworks? "We can make that happen." One couple wanted a cake frosted with the names of special golf courses they'd played, and then pictures taken on #18 at The Oconee course.

Then there's the matter of volume. Dawn might have two rehearsals on a Friday and two weddings the following day. "The property at Reynolds is so spread out that the wedding parties can be miles away from each other." Which also explains why she drives so much on weekends.

Dawn has only had one wedding herself, 28 years ago to her high-school sweetheart. In February her daughter was married. And how did Dawn make is special?

"I stayed out of her way. As the mother of the bride, I wanted to enjoy the day with her."

Besides, Dawn had more weddings right behind it.

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