You know about spinning and strength training, but more than 90 average fitness classes taught each week at Reynolds have Members hooked in ways they never expected.

Kathy Sands | Tai Chi

Previously from: Long Island “We moved here so my husband, Kevin, could play golf. I don’t really understand the game, so I got involved in aerobics, Zumba and spinning classes. I’d never heard of tai chi, but decided to try it after a weight class one morning — simply to give my joints a break.”

My first hurdle: “On the first couple of days we started by just standing and learning to breathe. It felt too easy. But it gradually became more physical, without any pounding. The mental benefit is something I’ve never experienced.”

Why I’m hooked: “In tai chi, you have days when you experience this electric feeling. You keep coming back to hopefully feel it again. I’m assuming it’s similar to why golfers want to play so much.”

Carol Thompson | Sit and Be Fit

Previously from: Libertyville, Illinois “I know, it looks silly to see me sitting in the chair for a ‘workout.’ I’ve been active in sports my whole life: racquetball, tennis, softball, golf. Just a few minutes ago I finished icing my knee after playing a round at The Oconee course.” So maybe it’s a good time to sit ... and be fit.

My first hurdle: “I don’t like to sit. If you’d told me about this class five years ago, I would have laughed. But a friend started doing it after back surgery and talked me into trying. It’s the best stretching I’ve ever done. I didn’t realize you could feel so good while sitting.”

Why I’m hooked: “Around the time I started the class, I broke my foot playing tennis. I could participate with a boot on. It was the same thing when I injured my knee again playing tennis. This helps. And believe it or not, it’s never boring.”

The instructors make it as easy as going into an ice cream shop: You sample a few classes until you find one you like.

Cheri Raney | TRX

Previously from: Bloomington-Normal, Illinois “When I was working in IT for an insurance company in Illinois, I’d go to the gym as a way to relieve stress. Here, I do the classes for other reasons. The TRX is a good example. It’s challenging. It uses body weight, so it’s safe. And it’s made me a lot stronger.”

My first hurdle: “I had a hard time with the moves early on. It felt strange to be working out with my feet or hands up in those straps, so I had to take the beginner’s route — and that really frustrated me. But it also motivated me to work harder and to keep coming back.”

Why I’m hooked: “Not long after I started TRX, my husband and I were moving furniture and I was noticeably stronger. I’d never had results for my upper body quite like that.”

Larry Carter | Golf Conditioning

Previously from: Atlanta A BOSU half ball? A yoga ball? Elastic bands? Larry Carter thought he’d signed up for a class to help his golf game. “When Jeryl [Anderson, the instructor] brought out these training toys on the first day of class, I thought, ‘What do those have to do with golf?’ I’m glad I stayed to find out. My balance and flexibility are better than ever.”

My first hurdle: “I hate exercise. I’m pretty sure I’m the only person to ever leave a spinning class on the first day. My wife, Laura, gently nudged me when golf conditioning started up because I had some minor back issues. I might be the longest participating Member.”

Why I’m hooked: “It’s convenient and fun. Has it helped my golf game? I’m not sure, but it has helped my body. I haven’t had any episodes with my back in four years.”

Joyce Daniel | Stand-Up Paddleboard Yoga

Previously from: Iowa “I wasn’t very athletic until my husband, Mike, and I moved to Reynolds in 1997. Now I can honestly say that I’m in the best shape of my life. I do two classes a day and mix it up — TRX, body sculpt, weights. And now standup paddleboard yoga is part of the mix.”

My first hurdle: “The board is your mat. So it’s challenging when you start out because you’re wobbling and you don’t want to fall into the water. But then you realize if that’s the worst that can happen, it isn’t so bad.”

Why I’m hooked: “When our kids grew up we decided to give up our boat. So this class is a great way to be on the water during the most peaceful time of day. And all of the fitness classes keep me in shape so I can fully enjoy being active with our three young grandchildren.”

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