Artful brushstrokes distinguish this elevated masterpiece.

The National

Currently led by Head Professional Ryan Frisch, The National's trademark is its dramatic elevation changes from tee to fairway, as well as on approach shots — some as much as 60 feet. The Ridge, Bluff and Cove nines that make up The National offer unmatched playing opportunities and are named for the type of terrain they feature. No two holes are alike in these three unique playing opportunities, but all share a consistency in feel for the way they feature the natural undulating contours of the region, making it a total 27-hole experience.

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What's unique about The National?

  • National Highlight Distinct

    Three Distinct Nine-Hole Layouts

    This course features three distinct nine-hole layouts fashioned from the richly colored textured “paints” of grass, sand, trees and water found in the hardwood forests and rolling terrain of the region.

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  • Tom Fazio Signature

    The National was designed by Tom Fazio, one of the world's preeminent golf course designers, who specializes in creating golf courses that reflect the natural beauty of their environments.

  • National Highlight Challenge

    Challenging Layout & Natural Beauty

    With over 100 bunkers and several holes tucked along the shores of Lake Oconee, The National gives players a chance to use every club in their bag. Fazio used the natural beauty of the land in conjunction with his expert eye to design a challenging layout and a true work of art.

  • '97

    Original Course Opening Year

  • 7,034


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