Dianne Spires

Sales Executive

Herschel Walker is her all-time favorite football player.

Dianne Spires feels right at home.

After moving every two to three years for 30 years — due to her husband’s career with Ford Motor Company — Dianne Spires had become well-versed with the real estate industry. During their travels, they’d bought and sold an estimated 10 houses, and Dianne grew to know the importance of a good real estate agent. Moving to Reynolds Lake Oconee in 2004, she joined the Reynolds Lake Oconee Properties team that same year.

Dianne is an involved member of the Reynolds community and has a thriving social circle she regularly meets for activities and dinners — almost all of whom are her former clients! She didn’t know a single person when she moved here, but now she can’t go out to dinner without running into friends. A regular at all six of our clubhouses, she can’t pick which one is her favorite, though she does have a specific affinity for Chef Zouhair and his creations.

After work, she likes walking one of the many trails, reading, and — begrudgingly — working out at The Lake Club. She also tries to golf when she can, with her favorite course being The Creek Club.

Dianne and her husband, Ken, have two daughters and five granddaughters they enjoy seeing on a regular basis. She recently showed one of her granddaughters her favorite movie — “The Sound of Music” — and they watched it together twice, back-to-back. Another thinks she lives in the “adult Disneyland,” an opinion Dianne can’t refute.

Awards & Recognition

  • Active Life Member, Million-Dollar Club

    Lake Country Board of Realtors
  • Sales Executive of the Year

    Reynolds Lake Oconee
  • Top Agent Company Transactions

    Reynolds Lake Oconee
  • Rookie of the Year

    Reynolds Lake Oconee

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