Crafting Culinary Magic: Unveiling the New Seasonal Menus at Reynolds Lake Oconee

Written by Melissa Shiver

Scrunched between dry-cleaned chef jackets and boxes of whipped cream canisters, three chef's gathered around Chef Z's desk and passionately threw ideas around for the new fall menu at The Tavern. The conversation ranged from a Thai peanut, carrot, and ginger salad to creating their own version of Rotel and Velveeta cheese dip. Nothing was off the table, pun intended.

"Loaded queso dip, queso con carne, cheeseburger dip, with purple chips? Here's how you make it fancy: waygu beef."

"You thought you were using a lot of queso before!"

"How do ya'll think quail would do?"

The member’s palates were front and center of this meeting as they created new items. It would need to satisfy the Reynolds golfer coming off Hole 18 after a chilly November morning as well as a family with kids staying in one of the cottages nearby. Not only that, the flavors had to mix well, the textures had to vibe, and the food had to fit the season. It was a tall order, pun intended, but they tackled the challenge together.

A problem would be thrown out: "We need another grilled app."

A solution would be offered: "A roasted vegetable?"

Then someone else would run with it: "Roasted carrots."

But not without considering every aspect of it: "What about produce consistency?"

These guys thought of everything.

"Red cabbage?"

"It's gonna bleed. Napa cabbage?"

"Napa cabbage," he mumbles as he writes.

The food they serve isn’t just food, isn’t just a menu item. They spoke about each plate with an eagerness and excitement to get it just right. The bar was set high, pun intended, and they were intent on exceeding it.

The new menu rolled out Tuesday, September 12th at the Tavern, and you definitely don’t want to miss it.

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