Goodbye pre-made margarita mix- it’s time for you to hit the road! 

Reynolds Lake Oconee welcomes fresh herbs, hand-squeezed citrus and in-house infused vodkas and bourbons to the menu. Bartenders are tossing the spice rack and juice cartons aside to roll up their sleeves and create works of art in a glass. We’re talking about the muddled, mashed, shaken and stirred hand-crafted cocktails we’re serving up at The National Tavern.

“Why would we make a good drink with artificial sweeteners, when we can prepare an incredible one with the freshest ingredients?” says Freddy Ramirez, Head Liquid Chef at The National Tavern. With over 31 years behind the bar, including five years as a personal assistant to Donald Trump, Freddy’s industry experience has aided him in the creation of The Tavern’s exquisite bar menu. 

The menu is filled with thoughtfully designed artisan cocktails made of the freshest ingredients and finest spirits. “Our cocktails are made with fresh fruits and herbs,” says Freddy. “You won’t find any chemicals or additives in our drinks; but, one thing you will find behind our bar is in-house infused vodkas and bourbons.” Taking up to a month to perfect, Freddy uses fresh blueberries, pineapples, and an aged oak barrel with aged sherry and a 20 year old port are used to create matchless vodkas and bourbons. Two Tavern favorites include Blueberries a la Fred and The Tavern Old Fashioned, both made with our in-house infused spirits. 

Certified Master Chef and Executive Chef for Reynolds, Derin Moore expressed the importance of having a menu for the bar that was as unique as The Tavern’s lunch and dinner menus. “Nowadays, customers want freshness and creativity not only in their food, but also in their cocktail. That’s exactly what we are serving from the kitchen and from the bar," said Moore.

Imbibers rejoice, because the crafted cocktail boom has arrived at The Tavern and it plans to stay. So, if you’re ever in town and looking for a great cocktail to sip on, head to The Tavern and ask for Freddy, we’re positive he’ll create something you’ll love!

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