Pete and Lisa Croteau show friends through their home deep inside Reynolds. On the walls are photos from Switzerland and Great Exuma and the Caribbean. All of them leading to a logical question: Where next?

"We had ideas about Oktoberfest in Germany," the wife says, "but then thought, 'Why?"

In other words, they thought about the crowds and the... crowds. They could have thought of this, too: In Munich, the most popular Oktoberfest food include pork knuckle, currywurst and (ready?) pretzels. At the Reynolds version of Oktoberfest, they can expect strudel, schnitzel, sausage and sauerkraut, and a melting pot of potato, cabbage, oxtail and leek broth soup, which tastes way better in a bowl than it sounds in a conversation.

Our chefs know German food as well as anyone. Let's just say they take it up a notch or two for this event. Jason Plazola, Reynolds Food & Beverage Director

And, of course, beer. There are familiar beers (Octoberfest from Sam Adams and Oktoberfest from Sierra Nevada) and beers that produce a rainstorm of German syllables: Festbier, Kolsch, Ayinger Brau Weisse.

Herewith, a few slices of Oktoberfest at Reynolds - you'll have to trust us, the German chocolate cake alone is worth the drive.

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