Reynolds Members Incorporate Technogym’s Biocircuit into Their Fitness Routines

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Written by Reynolds Marketing

One of the great luxuries of being a Reynolds Member is having the option of choice.
Feel like golfing today? Pick among six remarkably different – but all world-class – courses.

Grabbing a bite to eat? There are eleven options just on the property itself, with many more throughout the surrounding Lake Country.

Looking for a fun night out? There are literally pages of events and programming for you to scroll through in Moments.

There’s also a great deal of variety for those interested in fitness and wellness at Reynolds Lake Oconee. 21 miles of idyllic walking and hiking trails wind their way through Reynolds. Over 90 fitness classes are offered each week around the property. State-of-the-art strength equipment is available at all facilities. For those interested in racquet sports, there are 16 hard and clay tennis courts along with nine Pickleball courts.

And the list goes on.

Fishing tournaments. Informal cycling clubs. Indoor and outdoor pools. Multiple fitness trainers and a licensed, full-time health and nutritionist coach. An award-winning spa at The Ritz-Carlton and Reynolds’ first on-site spa at Richland Pointe. For Reynolds Members, sport and leisure mean equal parts invigorating activity, rejuvenating luxury, and pure, unabashed fun.

One of the newest additions to the wellness portfolio at Reynolds is the Richland Pointe Wellness Center.

The luxurious facility boasts a fitness center with Technogym equipment; infinity-edge relaxation pool; two movement studios; three treatment rooms for massages and esthetic; and indoor and outdoor spin, cardio, yoga, movement, and stretch classes.

Reynolds is the first private community in the United States to install Technogym equipment, having recently expanded the brand’s offerings from just Richland Pointe to the other three fitness facilities at Reynolds – The Lake Club, The Landing, and Great Waters.

Richland Pointe is also home to Biocircuit™ by Technogym. An innovative program that’s a 12-station, time-based circuit that guides the user automatically through the stations, the addition of this program firmly sets Reynolds apart from almost every other community in the country.

The Biocircuit program is completely personalized for each Reynolds Member. Before beginning the program, the user will be walked through each piece of equipment by a Reynolds Wellness employee. Here, they’ll be tested on their strength for each piece of equipment - from this their resistance levels are recorded and saved for the circuit programming. Technogym’s technology will then adapt the workout to their personalized level. The equipment itself also incorporates the latest in smart technology, pre-setting the stations into position based on the individual’s anthropometrics.

Reynolds Member Jerry Nicholson was impressed at how seamless the setup was. "With the help of a Reynolds staff member, I was able to quickly get loaded into the system and educated on the equipment," he says.

The program is part of a seamless, zero-touch experience at Richland Pointe. Appointments aren’t needed, so Members can visit on their own schedules. After a friendly greeting and a quick scan of their Member cards at the front desk, they enter the gym, open their Technogym MyWellness app and scan the QR code at the check-in portal.

They then select which Biocircuit program they’re interested in – continuing the theme of choice, there are five distinct programs available – and then the portal directs them to a starting machine. From there they quickly move through the 12-machine circuit, spending a few minutes at each station before being directed to the next. This results in a harmonious, coordinated flow, moving Members through the program in an efficient manner. Most programs are complete in around thirty minutes.

Through the MyWellness app, Members can also see everything the facility offers – class schedules, training programs, personal training sessions, and more – along with their own personal activity records and biometrics.

Reynolds Members have taken enthusiastically to the circuit, with many incorporating it into their weekly – if not daily – routines.

Jerry now uses the circuit two to three times a week. For him, someone with other responsibilities and commitments, the appeal is in a well-rounded - and time-efficient - workout.

"There are eight different pieces of strength equipment that are in a sequence," he says. "Once I log into the system, the Biocircuit directs you to the next open piece and adjusts the apparatus so all you have to do is exercise. It is very time-efficient."

With Richland Pointe having fully opened in July 2021, a one-of-a-kind wellness experience that was already comprehensive for all ages and activity levels become further enhanced. And for Reynolds Members, with choices galore at their disposal already, they now have one more choice to consider.

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