When Jeryl Anderson arrived as the new Wellness Specialist for Reynolds Lake Oconee in 2015, the fitness classes offered were limited: yoga and Zumba were staples, along with a few, scattered weight training classes. She saw the enthusiasm, but Members were clamoring for more options.

Fast-forward seven years, and Anderson is head of a thriving wellness program, with an array of 115+ classes offered weekly to Reynolds Members, many of which feature cross-training opportunities.

This evolution and growth of the Reynolds Wellness program has included adding new classes such as TRX, spin, chair yoga, Barre, and Total Golf Conditioning, hiring additional instructors – now totaling fourteen, all working across Reynolds’ four fitness facilities – and the celebrated opening of the state-of-the-art Richland Pointe Wellness Center in 2021, which was named 2022 Amenity of the Year by Golf Inc.

The 11,000-square-foot Richland Pointe Wellness Center boasts a fitness center with Technogym equipment; infinity-edge relaxation pool; yoga lawn; two movement studios; three treatment rooms for massages and esthetic; and indoor and outdoor spin, cardio, yoga, movement, and stretch classes.

The introduction of this new facility and its expanded offerings only further emphasizes the variety available to Reynold Members around campus.

“I think a lot of Members enjoy the flexibility that the addition of Richland Point offers them,” Jeryl says. “The facility and rooms are beautiful – with extra space for the group fitness classes - and I’ve noticed Members have enjoyed taking one class at Richland Pointe in the morning and another at The Lake Club later, or vice versa.”

Reynolds has also enhanced its wellness program through the quality of the fitness equipment at each of its four facilities. In 2021, Reynolds became the first private community in the United States to install Technogym equipment. Richland Pointe is also home to Biocircuit™ by Technogym. An innovative program that’s a 12-station, time-based circuit that guides the user automatically through the stations, the addition of this program firmly sets Reynolds apart from almost every other community in the country.

These enhancements have aligned with Jeryl’s goal of creating a wellness program that’s inclusive of a diversified Membership of ages and fitness levels. “My goal has always been to accommodate all fitness levels,” says Anderson. “We have Members in their early 30’s who are fitness enthusiasts, as well as Members in their 80’s who have different needs, but are just as committed.”

This has led to an inclusive atmosphere, one where Members can easily fulfill their needs in a friendly and supportive community. “The nice part about the Biocircuit from a training perspective is that whether you’re just starting on your fitness journey or if you’re very experienced and just looking for something new, it’s perfect because it can do everything for you while offering a variety of challenges.”

The 2021 addition of Kylie Parr, Reynolds Lake Oconee’s full-time, on-site health coach, also helps speak to this atmosphere of not just living, but healthy living.

Jeryl’s efforts since 2015 have benefitted more than just the Members. “I cherish the relationships I have made through teaching these classes,” says Anderson. “We have become a very close-knit and social community. For several summers, after the last class of the night was finished, a large group of us would regularly meet at The Lake Club for Tacos & Tequila Night.”

This is just the type of reprieve she needs to break from her very busy class schedule. And busy might be an understatement.

A typical day for Anderson typically looks something like this: 7am, kickoff with the Reynolds Riders spin class, immediately followed by Body Sculpt. Take a short break, then yoga or Pilates, followed by an equipment orientation for new Members, TRX, or another spin class that evening.

She has also taken on additional responsibility by assuming the position of Fitness Manager. In this role, she coordinates the schedules for Reynolds’ 14 full and part-time fitness instructors, helps train Members on the new Biocircuit™ by Technogym at Richland Pointe, and manages the Pacesetter map that Reynolds Members use to schedule their wellness classes. Jeryl also has several personal training clients, including one she has faithfully trained since literally her first day at Reynolds.

"Jeryl’s background and tenure in the fitness industry are on display here for the Members of Reynolds," says Tyler Mayer, Director of Wellness at Reynolds. "She has a fitness vision for programming, class formatting, and a wealth of training knowledge, including special needs clients and a Level 1 TPI Certification."

While her daily schedule is always full, Anderson couldn’t be happier. She is looking forward to expanding the offerings even further. What can Reynolds Members look forward to? Jeryl quickly rattles off some new programs coming their way in 2023 – 30/30 classes (half cardio and half strength), Rhythm & Moves events, and additional classes at Richland Pointe Wellness Center.

Mayer is also excited to look ahead. “I could not be more excited about the strides we have made, the direction we are moving, and the opportunity we have here with this Recreation and Wellness team," he says. "We fully intend to connect with each and every Member at Reynolds in one way or another. Members here at Reynolds can benefit from anything that we offer. Whether it’s on the tennis or Pickleball courts; the Spa and Wellness Center; Group Classes, Private Training, or even our outdoor rental program, we will meet anyone wherever they are in their journey to live life as it ought to be.”

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