When Jeryl Anderson arrived as the new Wellness Specialist for Reynolds Lake Oconee in 2015, the fitness classes offered were limited: yoga and Zumba were staples, along with a few, scattered weight training classes. She saw the enthusiasm, but Members were clamoring for more options.

Fast-forward three years, and Anderson is head of a thriving wellness program, with an array of 50+ classes offered weekly to Reynolds Members, many of which feature cross-training opportunities.

“My goal has always been to accommodate all fitness levels,” says Anderson. “We have Members in their early 30’s who are fitness enthusiasts, as well as Members in their 80’s who have different needs, but are just as committed.”

To do this she increased the variety of class offerings, adding classes such as TRX Beyond Basics – an intense total-body workout that relies on suspension training – as well as spin, chair yoga, and Total Golf Conditioning.

This has led to an inclusive atmosphere, one where Members can easily fulfill their needs in a friendly and supportive community.

Her efforts have benefitted more than just the Members. “I cherish the relationships I have made through teaching these classes,” says Anderson. “We have become a very close-knit and social community. This past summer, after the last class of the night was finished, a large group of us would regularly meet at The Lake Club for Tacos & Tequila Night.”

Just the type of reprieve she needs to break from her very busy class schedule.

And busy is an understatement. A typical day for Anderson typically looks something like this: 7am, kickoff with the Reynolds Riders spin class, immediately followed by Body Sculpt. Take a short break, then yoga or Pilates, followed by an equipment orientation for new Members, TRX, or another spin class that evening.

While her daily schedule is always full, Anderson couldn’t be happier. She is looking forward to expanding the offerings even further. What’s new? Barre – a high-energy class combining Pilates, dance, yoga, and functional training.

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