The ritual of a good cup of coffee is one of life’s simplest and most enduring pleasures. The rich aroma riseing to wrap around you like a comforter; the deep mocha color hinting at the robust flavor to follow; the steam drifting towards you from the edge of the cup; and all of it combining to provide an exclamation point for a fantastic beverage in a memorable location.

Here at Reynolds we know the pure joy of a great cup of coffee, which is why when designing the menu and orchestrating the dining experience at The National Tavern. Certified Master Chef Derin Moore, agreed that finding a well-blended coffee to serve was essential.  “We wanted to bring a product that was unlike anything else sold here on property and to partner with a local company that takes as much pride in their product as we do in ours.” says Chef Moore,  who oversees culinary operations for seven restaurants and for all banquets and Member events at Reynolds Lake Oconee.

Enter Jittery Joe’s, a well-known regional coffee company located in Athens and Atlanta, Georgia. Established in 1994, Jittery Joes has been serving up a delicious “cuppa joe” for over 21 years and has partnered with a variety of companies to bring the best local coffee to towns throughout the state.  With company slogans such as,  “Your cup of coffee is only as good as the beans we roast and we want to make sure you receive the very best,” it was clear to Reynolds that Jittery Joe’s was passionate about the perfect coffee choice for The Tavern.

“We are thrilled to provide our coffee and be associated with Reynolds as they embark on a bold culinary expansion,” says Michael Ripps, one of Jittery Joe’s coffee creators. “We spent a lot of time with the team from Reynolds finding the perfect blend for their customers, and the collaboration continued through the marketing and design of the label.” 

If you have ever visited Reynolds on Lake Oconee, you may be familiar with the recurring reference to “Linger Longer.” With that idea in mind, our marketing team – with the collective assistance of the Jittery Joe’s team – created the name for The Tavern’s very own blend, Zinger Longer.

Once the name was established, a goal was set to create a label that was as “alive” as life is at Reynolds. Scott Hodges and his team from The Adsmith, an advertising firm out of Athens, GA, developed the energetic label that effectively captures the excitement at Reynolds Lake Oconee. As Scott puts it, “whether you enjoy fly fishing, gardening, golf or cards, Jittery Joe’s Zinger Longer coffee is your everyday fuel to make the most of each day.” The Jittery Joe’s Zinger Longer label is painted with an abstract of color making the retail can both attractive and eye-catching. To capture the Reynolds lifestyle, the label is filled with a variety of images of activities that one can enjoy around the community. Plus, the woodland duck, an iconic symbol of Reynolds Lake Oconee, is also showcased at the top of the canister, “flying overhead, taking it all in.”

With the extraordinary buzz surrounding the opening of our newest restaurant, The National Tavern, we are excited to have such a unique and well-regarded partner in Jittery Joe’s, and are very proud to offer the private label Zinger Longer Coffee to offer Members and their guests. 

Zinger Longer Coffee is now on sale for $15.00 at The National Tavern … grab your can today!

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