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TaylorMade Club Fitting

This experience, once only available for TaylorMade tour professionals and invited guests, is now available to any guest looking to add a perfectly fitted club in their hands to play their best golf. Our TaylorMade tour club fitters offer one-on-one consultations that synchronize the proper equipment with your personal swing specifications in order to create optimal performance. With that data and knowledge, our master club builder will then craft your new custom club on-site in the TaylorMade Tour Trailer.

The Club Fitting Process

  • Step 1

    Meeting Your Certified Fitter

    After introductions, the fitter will verify and begin to drill down on the questions you answered during your booking process. With an understanding of your history, goals and future activity level; your fitter will explain how the fitting process will take place.

  • Step 2

    Analyze Your Swing

    After a brief warm-up, a TaylorMade tour club fitter will begin assessing your current swing and equipment. During this process, the fitter will collect data with TrackMan and have you go through a swing analysis. Using the data collected, you will begin the testing process.

  • Step 3

    Testing & Selections

    With your swing data in hand, you will continue to hit more golf balls, and your tour club fitter will use data from TrackMan to narrow down the 10,000+ golf club combinations to dial in the right head, shaft and components to create clubs that will maximize your golf game.

  • Step 4

    The Build

    Bringing the comprehensive data for your custom clubs, the tour club fitter will escort you to the on-site TaylorMade Tour Trailer, where your new custom clubs can be built by a TaylorMade master club builder. Most of the woods and hybrids are built during your visit; however the irons and wedges have a much more extensive and labor-intensive process and are also subject to product availability, therefore the length of time to build will vary accordingly.

Our Club Fitting Programs

Discover a unique, unparalleled and unforgettable club fitting experience.

A Kingdom fitting employs a series of high-tech tools that collectively deliver a wide range of data to report on every component of your swing, club position and ball flight.

Quintic Launch Monitor System

The putter is the most used club in the bag but often the most overlooked part of the golfer’s practice regimen. We believe the same precise calibration approach used in the full set of clubs is even more critical with your putter in order to get the most out of your unique putting stroke. With our Putter Lab, featuring a Quintic Launch Monitor System, we can capture and analyze critical information about your stroke to determine the precise combination of loft, length, head style and hosel style for you. These measurements will help the fitter identify why you have certain predictable results and, more importantly, give our master club builders information to create a putter that accentuates the positive tendencies of your exact stroke.

TrackMan Launch Monitor System

Equipped with Doppler radar swing analysis programs such as TrackMan, The Kingdom at Reynolds Lake Oconee can capture club head speed, ball speed, angle of attack, trajectory and carry distance, among other key measurements. The precision of these tools, combined with the expertise of our club fitters, provides the ideal environment for productive and efficient club fitting.

Meet our expert club fitting team.

With over 75 combined years in the golf industry, our team brings professional expertise and technological savvy to each and every fitting experience.

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