Golf Schools

There isn’t a better setting to improve your game than Reynolds Lake Oconee.

And there isn’t a better golf school more equipped to teach and inspire than The Kingdom at Reynolds Lake Oconee. Under the direction of our professional staff, you will receive high-level instruction that will focus on how to make you, the golfer, successful.

With a comfortable student-to-teacher ratio, you’ll receive ample amounts of personal attention. Whether you’re looking to improve your entire game or tune-up your short game, there’s a golf school just for you.

Our most popular school at The Kingdom.

Energize your entire game with our most effective and popular learning experience. This is the perfect school for any golfer wanting to rejuvenate and ignite some magic in their golf game. The Energize workshop delivers fresh ideas and concepts, kick-starting a new momentum in your entire game. These exciting half-day workshops also allow you to play our world-class courses in the afternoons.


  • 2 Days - 6 Total Hours of Instruction
  • 9:00am - 12:00pm
  • Maximum 3:1 Student-to-Instructor ratio
  • Price dependent on ratio

Energize with a PGA Tour Professional.

Our Energize school with a dynamic added dimension. Still a complete look at your game; same bio-mechanical screen, same in-depth look at full-swing, short-game and putting. Now, add a 9-hole round with PGA Tour Professional Blake Adams as part of your day of instruction. You take what you are learning and layer in an element of learning how to play to your strengths and dissect the course in your favor based on your individual skills. The most overlooked part of the game taught by an expert in the field, Blake will get you to think differently around the course, teach you how to execute better and drive your handicap down.


  • 2 Days - 6 hours of instruction and (2) 9-hole playing lessons
  • 9:00am - 12:00pm and 2:00pm - 5:00pm on-course
  • Maximum 3:1 Student-to-Instructor ratio
  • Price dependent on ratio

A deep dive into the short-game and putting.

Our Scoring Schools are a solution based 360-degree learning experience that will transform your short game. Imagine knowing exactly how to decode the line and pace of every putt. Think about owning the skills to calibrate and hit your wedges with precise distance control. Envision your confidence knowing that you should never skull or chunk a short game shot again. Not satisfied with getting out of bunkers, we’ll show you how to get it close. Our Scoring School will help you improve in the part of the game that dictates your score the most - inside 60 yards.


  • 2 Days - 6 hours of instruction and skill building
  • Maximum 3:1 Student-to-Instructor Ratio
  • Full Wedge and Putter Equipment Evaluation
  • Price dependent on ratio

Our Scoring School with a tour-level fitting component.

Beginning in May, enjoy all the advantages and learning experiences of our Scoring School while being taken through a tour-level fitting experience. We will perform bio-mechanical screen, inform you of your tendencies and explain how wedge designs will affect your performance; then fit you into the correct model, loft, lie and bounce modifications to give you confidence like never before. But we don’t stop there. Once we get the wedges built, we will put you through a TaylorMade ball test to determine which model will enhance your short-game the most. You will leave with confidence and conviction knowing you have the right equipment and ball to fit your individual tendencies and allow you to shave strokes immediately. We also have a friendly competition to let you put it all to the test.


  • 2 Days - 7 hours of instruction and fitting
  • Includes (2) custom wedges and a dozen of the TaylorMade ball fit for you
  • GC Quad evidence-based fitting
  • Maximum Student-to-Instructor ratio of 3:1
  • Price dependent on ratio

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