Corporate Experiences

With these incredible packages, the deal is as good as done.

Entertain and engage employees or clients through exclusive access to our expansive campus. With incredible amenities including personalized club fitting and professional instruction, all set in a striking and lighthearted atmosphere, we provide a corporate experience like no other.

Looking to give your group a great experience all while saving a lot of time? Speed fitting is the perfect choice for you. Your group will receive full driver fittings in 30 minutes and leave the same day with the latest TaylorMade driver.

Probably our most booked event for groups, this exciting golf experience has your guests moving from station to station taking part in long-drive competitions and various short-game challenges. Our expert TaylorMade club fitters are also waiting for any member of the group wanting to have a club specifically built for them. To add to the atmosphere, we provide drinks and music on our range, where our world-class instructors are waiting to guide any beginner or to improve any established player. This is the perfect feel-good event for your group.

If you want the perfect group experience for beginners, what could be better than visiting Reynolds Kingdom of Golf presented by TaylorMade, located just a short distance from The Ritz-Carlton® Hotel? Our world-class instructors will guide your group through an accelerated learning experience at our beautiful facility, ensuring everybody hits one perfect shot that will make their day. With fun competitions, your group will have a truly great experience with our warm and friendly staff.

The uniqueness of Reynolds Kingdom of Golf presented by TaylorMade affords our world-class instructors and club builders the ability to custom fit and custom build for your group. Depending on the individual, we can custom fit for either a TaylorMade putter or driver. While half of your group enjoys the club fitting experience, the other half receives short-game instruction at our amazing short-game arena. They'll have an amazing day, departing with a TaylorMade club built just for them!