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At Reynolds Lake Oconee Properties, LLC, we realize that listing your home for sale is just as important as buying your home. While some agencies take listings and hope someone else does the selling, we don’t consider “hope” a good strategy. Reynolds Lake Oconee Properties, LLC is the only Lake Oconee real estate broker whose full day, every day, is spent focused only on real estate within Reynolds Lake Oconee.

The results thus far this year are below and provide clear evidence that Reynolds Lake Oconee Properties, LLC is the most productive real estate company for transactions within Reynolds—providing the singleness of purpose that our homeowners should, and consistently do, receive.

A full-service Marketing Team.

Along with a dedicated real estate team, Reynolds has a broad marketing platform that identifies potential customers from around the world, brings them to the community, and provides them with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the lifestyle enjoyed every day by Members. Employing over 40 deeply experienced, full-time sales and marketing team members, The Home Team at Reynolds focuses only on Reynolds Lake Oconee each and every day.

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