We've built a special place in Reynolds Lake Oconee. So it stands to reason that we'd build a special team to help others become a part of it.

In addition to helping you navigate the decisions that come with building your dream home on just the right home site, or buying an existing home that you want to make your own, The Home Team at Reynolds is trained to help you execute the easiest decision of your life: that of owning property and becoming a Member here.  Reynolds Lake Oconee Properties sales executives focus their time and their energies only within the gates of Reynolds – and most have chosen to live here themselves. This means you have not just a dedicated, full-time community expert, but a future neighbor to help you match your lifestyle with your dreams, and to provide an informed and experienced partner on the choices you make along the way.  

Picture of Lee Arberg

Lee Arberg

Sr. VP, Broker in Charge

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Office: 800-800-5250

Picture of Riezl Baker

Riezl Baker

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Office: 706-467-1264

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Picture of Debbie Balicki

Debbie Balicki

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Office: 706-318-0891

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Picture of Leslie  Clark

Leslie Clark

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Office: 706-473-5000

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Picture of Tom  Condon

Tom Condon

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Office: 706-467-1123

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Picture of Chris Hewatt

Chris Hewatt

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Office: 706-467-1257

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Picture of Kelly  Hoersten

Kelly Hoersten

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Office: 706-467-1131

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Picture of David Hoersten

David Hoersten

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Office: 706-347-0578

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Picture of Scott Hoersten

Scott Hoersten

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Office: 706-347-1421

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Picture of Rich Johns

Rich Johns

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Office: 706-467-1236

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Picture of Jeremy  Johnson

Jeremy Johnson

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Office: 706-467-1129

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Picture of Ron Kalpak

Ron Kalpak

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Office: 404-754-1985

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Picture of Gene Lowe

Gene Lowe

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Office: 706-467-1296

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Picture of Bob  Miller

Bob Miller

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Office: 706-467-1234

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Picture of Mary Miller

Mary Miller

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Office: 706-467-1278

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Picture of Jere Mills

Jere Mills

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Office: 706-467-1133

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Picture of Sheri Mortimer

Sheri Mortimer

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Office: 706-467-1110

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Picture of Chip Perry

Chip Perry

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Office: 706-467-1259

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Picture of Dianne Spires

Dianne Spires

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Office: 706-467-1216

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Picture of Micki Tanner

Micki Tanner

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Office: 706-467-1293

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Picture of Don Weir

Don Weir

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Office: 706-467-1230

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This is not intended to be an offer to sell nor a solicitation of offers to buy real estate in Reynolds on Lake Oconee by residents of HI, ID, OR or any jurisdiction where prohibited by law. If you are a resident of HI, ID, OR or any jurisdiction where prohibited by law, the laws of those states or jurisdictions limit our ability to respond to you and we may not be able to provide you with the information you requested. However, should you happen to visit our sales center in person at some point in the future, our sales staff will be happy to provide you with information about the project at that time. See the additional legal disclaimers below.